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Your memories of Sean are very much appreciated. We treasure them.

15 years have now passed, and still it seems that nothing is as it should be. The sense of loss remains the same. So much has changed, but in so many ways our lives seem frozen in time from that terrible moment many years ago. It feels almost like our life stopped, and a different life that we didnít want or ask for began. We would give anything and everything to go back, but the sad truth is that it can never be. It is very hard to accept this horrible reality.

Our family and friends continue to bring us comfort and support. Sean would be proud of the bond that has been so strong for all these years. The love and joy that he brought to so many of us remains as strong as ever, and will always be there for all of us. We cherish the time that we had with him, and will treasure our memories of him until the end of time.

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We'll Love You Forever,

Mike, Colleen and Megan
February 10th, 2017

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Mom |
Oh my boy - love you, love you, love you so much - miss you so much, miss you. Saw Ryan, Sandy & Alexa. She's so gorgeous, looks just like Ryan. It was the sweetest visit. And then to add to this beautiful day saw Shelby and Kendall and it filled my day and my heart.
Love you and miss you so much.
Your loving Mom
26 August 2012 - A Mother's Heart

Mom |
Gramp just called me - I'm crying such huge tears. Happy tears. He hasn't called me in a long time. My heart is so full. His 85th birthday is tomorrow.
21 August 2012 - A Mother's Heart

Mom |
I'm sending this message straight up to you in heaven - I love you and miss you more all the time. I thought that these feelings would subside in some measure but they just don't. When I'm with Meggie, I just wish that you were there with us. Are you still close by? Are you sitting on Dad's shoulder, watching out for him? Are you there with Meg? Watching out for her? I have to believe that you are. I believe that you miss us just as much as we miss you.
I miss you baby boy. My darling son forever.
Love you,
16 July 2012 - A Mother's Heart

gram & willie |
You really came into our thoughts yesterday while grams and I were at Stephen's graduation from Howard High. As the kids were coming down to get their deplomas, one boy's name was called out as "Sean Michael"--don't remember his last name, but when we heard it announced both grams and I turned to each other right away and nodded to our acknowledgement of it. I then thought back to the day we attended your graduation and the wonderful memories of you. We still all miss you and think about you alot. Our church is undergoing a renovation and they will be saying mass in the church hall for several months. So last weekend I made sure I removed the Prayer book we had dedicated in your name and brought it home. When they get finished and we move back into the church proper I will take it back and put in place I sit all the time. It would not be a service without having it in my hands. Love you lots and always will be thinking of you.
24 May 2012 - Laurel, Md

Nicole R ( ferri)
time feels like its stood still when i think about you, like our memories are frozen right where we left them. its never been the same since youve been gone. i dont even know if i am the same,. i find myself shutting my heart down. shutting down my words and you know me mrs social butterfly. idk if ill ever let anyone else in like i let you and thats special and scary. i feel alone. babe. not sure what to do but coming here posting seems to make me feel like your right next to me. so heres a big hug
16 March 2012 - columbia

Mom |
This is still my favorite place to visit you. I just feel connected here. You are in my thoughts so very much lately. I hope that you are fine in heaven. I also hope that you're holding on to all our little ones. Not only the ones on their way (Alexa Airey) but also the ones that are here with us. You are their guardian angel. I love you and miss you more every day.
Your Loving Mom
9 March 2012 - A Mother's Heart

Ryan |
Really thinking about you! Going over pictures and many great memories! I miss you brother, you are forever in my heart I will take you on ever ride in life I can not wit to tell my daughter one day about a great friend you were. Thank you Sean
12 February 2012 - home

Grams & Willie |
Ten years have gone by and the last was no easier than the first. Grams and I went to the mass yesterday, that we have said for you each year, and when they mentioned your name we both choked up. Tara is down at the beach visiting (with Christopher)and we are sure that having that little ball of fire running around the house brings back many memories of you at that age. If Christopher grows up to be as fine an individual as you were, it would be a second blessing for the family. Love and miss you forever.
11 February 2012 - Laurel, Maryland

Mom |
My darling boy - I've said it so many times, you've shaped my life and I am forever grateful to have had you, loved you and mostly to have been loved by you. You are with me always and I feel it every day.
forever, your loving Mom
10 February 2012 - A Mother's Heart

Leslie |
This is my first visit to your website and even after 10 years, my eyes well up and my heart feels heavy. All I know is that you are missed. This is so painfully obvious at family get togethers--something just doesn't feel right and of course, it's that you aren't there with the rest of us. But actually, since we all keep you so close to our hearts, perhaps you are with us each and every day. I remember a phone message you left for your folks at the first beach house--you went off about some mess up with your checking account and it was sooo funny to listen you. I always picture you surrounded by the laughter of family and friends who loved you--this brings some comfort to dealing with the big empty space that will never be filled by you being gone.
10 February 2012 - San Diego

Brian |
Hey brother, thinking of you on this day.
10 February 2012 - Kampala, Uganda

Nicole Ferri |
I woke up today and today is the mark of 10 long years, it reaches deep inside my heart and takes a jab at the ache i feel. you dont know how many times you come up in conversations. your life was so powerful and gave me so many positive messages and hope. I am proud to have known you, proud to have the memories i do,. but even still they could never take place of you actually being here today. i miss you best friend. i am better for have knowing. thank you for letting me in your life. and thank you to Megan for letting meet your brother, i know how special he is to you. and i dont know if i ever told you. but it really meant a lot. and to your mom and dad, for raising you the loving way they did, they raised a boy to a man that changed lives and hearts forever,. your mark is forever etched in this world. love you always.
10 February 2012 - columbia

Stef |
like everyone else, cannot believe 10 years have gone by.I think about you a lot & guess I always will
10 February 2012 - bellevue WA

Nicole |
10 seems so surreal, I can't even believe it's been that long.I love and miss you so much, I always will.
10 February 2012 - Laurel, MD

The Dad
10 years. I will love and miss you forever.

10 February 2012 - at home

Mom |
In that place between awake and asleep I wanted to tell you that I love you. In one heartbeat, I thought that you were still with me. It happens all the time. I hope that I will always have those moments.
Forever your loving Mom
9 February 2012 - A Mother's Heart

Uncle Larry
Thinking about you.
8 February 2012 - home

Aunt Helen |
Really was missing you yesterday.
15 January 2012

Nicole |
With the holidays quickly approaching, I can't help but think of all the fun times you, me, Tara and Meg always had this time of the year. Every year at Christmas, I look back on those memories and it always brings a smile to my face. Thank you for all the memories Sean, the memories I'll always cherish and hold on to for the rest of my life. I love you, Merry Christmas :)
22 December 2011 - Laurel, MD

It does just that - cuts right through your life, your breath. How can this be?
7 December 2011

The Dad
Sometimes the sadness comes from nowhere, and still cuts like a knife. I hate it. I miss my son so much. It sucks.
22 November 2011 - home on a rainy day

Mom |
I thought about you non-stop yesterday. It's just not a birthday without you here to celebrate with me. I miss you more every day and I love you a thousand times more than that. My heart still aches to think that you won't be coming back.
15 November 2011 - A Mother's Heart

Nicole Ferri ( roberson)
Oh sean . today your on my mind. I cant believe October is almost over. I am sure you and my brother and plenty other were living it up on your birthdays this month. crazy to think you and my brother are only 1 day apart. I wish i could see him I wish I could see you. I could really use a big brother today, or my best friend. the clarity you always had somehow weather i was right or wrong made me feel better. Really missing you.
28 October 2011

Don't think your birthday passed and I didn't think of you. In fact over the past couple of days you are all I've been thinking about, over the years I would think of you and remember you as my cool older cousin that we all just adored,I always wanted to be like were the one that did everything first. These days all i can think of you as is Mike and Colleen's son and Megan's brother, and I just get very sad. I look at my life right now and just think, this is what your parents had, perfect little family, a son and a daughter, and your parents they really love each other the way a man and wife should and they love their children they way parents should.unconditionally. Your family is my inspiration. It's very bittersweet for me. You should be really proud of them and everything they have overcome. Just knowing where you came from and how Megs has turned out I know you would have been incredible. A little piece of you lives within all of us, you can see just from the post on your wall. You are still in all of our hearts and you will always be my "cool older" cousin.actually I take that back you're getting to old now.I don't want to be 30!!!! I will always love you!
7 October 2011

Sara Watson
Happy 30th Birthday Sean. Words can't express how much I miss you and wish when I talk to you I so badly want you to talk back to me. I know just like everyone else has said. You would be an amazing man. You would have been the best husband to a very lucky lady and a great daddy :-) I truly miss our conversations about anything and everything. We were lucky to have you for the short period of time we had you. I love you so much and I know you are looking down on all of us you cared about and loved. Miss you everyday!
6 October 2011 - Reisterstown, MD

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